Arizona Democratic Party Chair Alexis Tameron:

“The Arizona Democratic Party proudly celebrates and honors the achievements and struggles of all African Americans who contributed to the rich history of this state and to our great nation.

“This celebration of history and culture, among other things, also allows us to reflect upon the work that still lies ahead. Progress has been made, but by no means is the fight against discrimination, inequality, and injustice over. Black Lives Matter. We must reaffirm our commitment, today and always, to fight for equality and justice not only for us but for all.”

Arizona Democratic Party African-American Caucus Chair Quiana Dickenson:

“The contributions and history of African Americans in this country is great, from the construction of the White House to presiding over this great country. Our history, although sacred, is plentiful with innovators, seekers of justice, purveyors of peace and creators of change. We honor all those who have come before us by working to secure a path and roadway to the future for all that come after us, this month and every month.”