March is Women’s History Month, and the LD18 Democrats would like to celebrate by paying tribute to the women in the LD18 Democratic Party who are making history right now!

Women are the majority of our Executive Board, our precinct captains, our state party representatives, and the LD 18 committee leaders.  Women did the heavy lifting in the LD18 election in 2016 doing the office and volunteer coordination and fundraising that helped elect two LD18 Dems as our state reps, Mitzi Epstein on the House side and Sean Bowie as our Senator.

Thank you, women of the LD18 Democrats!

For more information about Women’s History Month, a good place to start is the National Women’s History Project.

National Women’s History Project: From a Grassroots Organization into a National Institution Over 30 years of “Writing Women Back into History” (