A message from the Chair of LD18 Democrats, Janie Hydrick

I began teaching in 1966.  By the 1990s, when technology emerged as the latest wedge that could drive high-income and low-income kids apart, I was purchasing as much technology as I could for my classroom to try to mitigate the negative effects of that wedge.  I had already spent almost three decades purchasing books, paper, tissue, and many other supplies that the district budget could not provide for.  Thankfully, I was not the sole breadwinner in our family.  Thankfully, I was respected and valued by my district, Mesa Public Schools, and they worked collaboratively with my union, Mesa Education Association, to make the best offers during bargaining.

Today, thanks to a GOP-dominated legislature, public education as the rest of the free world envisions it and supports it has been attacked, its funding reduced by almost half in favor of increased tax breaks for corporations, its educators forced to find second or other jobs to subsist, and the primary mission of public education – an educated and capable citizenry – has been abandoned.

If you want your future doctors and researchers to be well-educated, your fellow voters to have a sense of logic and ethics, and the general economy to profit, please join Save Our Schools.  Our phoning, writing, emailing, and protesting all fell on deaf, uncaring ears.  This GOP-dominated legislature took their bribes and their hate of any children who are not high income, and destroyed the single means of leveling an increasingly unfair playing field.  They destroyed the viability of a quality public education.  They are taking your tax dollars and giving away $5800 per student with absolutely no accountability.  None.  Your money will subsidize private and religious schools and home schooling with no accountability in terms of spending or academic outcome.

The only recourse we have now is to Save Our Schools.  Sign the petition!  Circulate a petition to your family and friends!  Make a contribution!  Placing SB1431 voucher expansion on the ballot and voicing your support of public schools will be the first step toward restoring the Arizona educational system. Click on the website to find out how and where you can sign and help.

Save Our Schools!   Today!

In solidarity,
Dr. Janie Hydrick
Chair, LD18 Democrats
Educational Coordinator, Arizona Democratic Party