“Oh, say can you see “…the destruction of America’s humanitarian values?

This 4th of July I had a hard time celebrating as a proud American. But for the birth place on my birth certificate, I am a white privileged citizen living in a white privileged community with white privileged neighbors, as caged children exist in our American borders in horrific conditions through no fault of their own.

News of caged children who have been ripped from parents seeking asylum at our borders deepens my daily depression.  When I hear these caged children have no crayons, no balls, no cards, no books, no radio or television as they sit in sterile rooms with rifled adults, my head swims in misery and disgust. Yes, these caged children are fed 3 times a day; yet all 3 meals consist of noodles with water and crackers. Mylar blankets are distributed at night, but some caged children cannot find mats to sleep on. Guards are warned not to talk to these caged children, not to touch these caged children, not to hug these caged children all because of a zero-tolerance national policy.

This scenario was reported by a lawyer advocate who was granted 2 days of observation in one of the many caged children tents in our country.

Is this what I should celebrate on the birthdate of our country?  I feel impotent to stop the inhumanity as my depression grows.  “Liberty and justice for all”… sometimes.

By CJ Briggle, LD18 Democrat

Photo credit: NonProfitAF.com –  http://nonprofitaf.com/2018/07/its-ok-to-despair-but-there-is-hope-and-social-justice-demands-that-we-rise-up/