Surviving cancer

Contributed by Fred Barlam, LD18 Democrat
June 20, 2017

June 4th was National Cancer Survivor Day. I am a survivor, and I have been cancer free for six and one-half years now.

In mid-June 2010, after being diagnosed with lymphoma in Phoenix, I headed to my first appointment with my oncologist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. After parking in the underground garage, my wife Sheryl, my son Seth, and my daughter-in-law Jennie walked out onto the street above. As we turned the corner, I saw the large letters with the words Sloan-Kettering at the top of the building glaring out over everyone and everything below. A surreal feeling came over me. It was difficult for my mind to truly accept the fact that I was there for cancer treatment. It was all too frightening.

As a kid growing up in New York City I knew that Sloan-Kettering was one of the best cancer hospitals in the world, and that it was where you went for treatment if you got cancer. On one hand, I was glad that my treatment, was going to be there. On the other hand, I felt extreme sadness for other cancer patients who were not going to be able to access Sloan-Kettering, or a facility like it. Not because they didn’t want to, but because they didn’t have the right health insurance, or possibly had no health insurance at all.

When I called Sloan-Kettering two weeks earlier from my home in Phoenix to make an appointment, the first thing they asked me was what type of health insurance I had. Due to my retirement from a school district in New York State in 2004, Sheryl and I are guaranteed top notch health insurance for the rest of our lives, so there was no problem with me meeting Sloan-Kettering’s criteria. The strong teacher unions in New York had made it possible for me to be treated at a world-renowned facility and receive the finest medical treatment available.

My total cancer treatment, including tests, CT scans, chemo, etc. cost over $700,000. My out of pocket costs were only a nominal $7,000, an affordable figure for almost every middle-class family. 99% of the cost of my treatment was covered by my insurance. How sad that so many others in this country do not have the same option that I had, and might even die because they could not access the care and treatment they needed.

To this day, I am secure in knowing that if my cancer returns I will again be able to access and afford the best cancer care available. That is a very reassuring feeling. Having a cancer relapse is certainly scary enough without having to worry about affording the care you need. Too many others are not so fortunate. The passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) made it possible for many of them (over 20 million more Americans) to be able to access quality, affordable medical care, and to have some peace of mind because of it.

But now, with Paul Ryan scheming to end it with the American Health Care Act (AHCA, which I call caca!) and Trump seeming to support it, many, if not most of those 20 million Americans who now have insurance from the ACA would lose it. A fellow active Arizona Democrat, Ian Danley, is one of them. Ian, current Executive Director of One Arizona (an organization dedicated to full voter participation by the Latino Community), and the Campaign Manager for David Garcia’s run for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction in 2016, is a lymphoma survivor like me. His treatment was more intense than mine, with him receiving a transplant to save his life. If AHCA replaces the ACA, and Ian relapses and needs further cancer treatment or another transplant, he will die. It is that simple. With his pre-existing condition of lymphoma, no insurance company will give him health insurance, or health insurance at an affordable middle-class rate if they did offer it, and he cannot afford to pay for treatment on his own.

The inequity of this is astounding. With the repeal of ACA and the passage of AHCA, I, a 68-year-old retiree with guaranteed health insurance for the rest of my life would still receive whatever treatment was necessary if my lymphoma returned. Ian, a 36-year-old hard working family man with a young child and a pre-existing condition, would not be able to access health insurance, would not receive the treatment he needed, and would more than likely die if his lymphoma returned. Am I any better or more deserving than Ian? How is this fair? How is this humane?

Now, in my mind, this is really a very solid argument for the need for universal health care like all the westernized nations in the world, except the United States, currently offer. But I am willing to skip that argument for now, and concentrate on fighting the repeal of ACA and the passage of AHCA. If you haven’t done so yet, please call Senator Flake’s office at (602) 840-1891, and Senator McCain’s office at (602) 952-2410, and tell them to vote NO on AHCA. There are a hell of a lot of Ians out there with a variety of pre-existing conditions and it is the least we can do for them!

Fred Barlam, LD18 Democrat

LD18 Democrats adopt Redden Park

June is National Great Outdoors Month, and the LD18 Democrats celebrated by adopting Redden Park through the city of Tempe’s Adopt-A-Park program.

They held their first event on Saturday, June 3 working to clean up the park and planting four trees. Their next clean-up will be scheduled in the Fall, hopefully in cooler weather!

The LD18 Democrats are working on plans to adopt a park in Chandler which would involve doing cleanup and light maintenance on a monthly basis.


To get involved in these and other events in your community, contact the LD18 Democrats at or use our Contact form.

See “Top 10 National Parks in Arizona” from The Guardian.


The Blue Print, June 2017

A message from the Chair of LD18 Democrats, Janie Hydrick

I began teaching in 1966.  By the 1990s, when technology emerged as the latest wedge that could drive high-income and low-income kids apart, I was purchasing as much technology as I could for my classroom to try to mitigate the negative effects of that wedge.  I had already spent almost three decades purchasing books, paper, tissue, and many other supplies that the district budget could not provide for.  Thankfully, I was not the sole breadwinner in our family.  Thankfully, I was respected and valued by my district, Mesa Public Schools, and they worked collaboratively with my union, Mesa Education Association, to make the best offers during bargaining.

Today, thanks to a GOP-dominated legislature, public education as the rest of the free world envisions it and supports it has been attacked, its funding reduced by almost half in favor of increased tax breaks for corporations, its educators forced to find second or other jobs to subsist, and the primary mission of public education – an educated and capable citizenry – has been abandoned.

If you want your future doctors and researchers to be well-educated, your fellow voters to have a sense of logic and ethics, and the general economy to profit, please join Save Our Schools.  Our phoning, writing, emailing, and protesting all fell on deaf, uncaring ears.  This GOP-dominated legislature took their bribes and their hate of any children who are not high income, and destroyed the single means of leveling an increasingly unfair playing field.  They destroyed the viability of a quality public education.  They are taking your tax dollars and giving away $5800 per student with absolutely no accountability.  None.  Your money will subsidize private and religious schools and home schooling with no accountability in terms of spending or academic outcome.

The only recourse we have now is to Save Our Schools.  Sign the petition!  Circulate a petition to your family and friends!  Make a contribution!  Placing SB1431 voucher expansion on the ballot and voicing your support of public schools will be the first step toward restoring the Arizona educational system. Click on the website to find out how and where you can sign and help.

Save Our Schools!   Today!

In solidarity,
Dr. Janie Hydrick
Chair, LD18 Democrats
Educational Coordinator, Arizona Democratic Party