Elections 2017 and 2018

On this page you will find Democratic Party and progressive candidate information, and ballot referendums that LD18 Democrats support.  Click the photo or name to get more information on each candidate. The information is in order of the next milestone date. That is why the Phoenix City Council race is first, followed by Tempe City Council, and then the races and referendums that will be on the ballot in November, 2018.

This is NOT a complete list of everything that will be on any ballot in 2017 or 2018, but we make every effort to present accurate and up to date information. If you find an error or omission, please use our contact form to let us know. Thank you!

AZ E-Qualify: Sign a candidate’s signature petition online! Also contribute $5 to Clean Elections candidates. Not all candidates are online yet, but it’s worth a look considering how easy it is!

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City Councils
LD18 Senate and House!
Arizona Statewide Candidates
US Senate and House
School Boards

City Councils


Phoenix City Council District 6
Election Day: Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Early voting:  August 2-25


Kevin Patterson


Tempe City Council
Spring, 2018


Sarah Kader


Lauren Kuby


Genevieve Vega


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LD18 Senate and House of Representatives!
November 2018


Sean Bowie
, our current State Senator elected in 2016!


Mitzi Epstein, our current State Representative!


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Arizona Statewide Races


November 2018


Steve Farley


David Garcia


Arizona Secretary of State
November 2018


Katie Hobbs


Arizona Attorney General
November 2018


January Contreras


Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction
November 2018


Kathy Hoffman


David Schapira


Arizona State Mine Inspector
November 2018


Bill Pierce


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US Senate
November 2018


Deedra Abboud


US House of Representatives
AZ Congressional District 9
November 2018


Talia Fuentes

Kyrsten Sinema and Greg Stanton: There is speculation and rumors about which races Sinema and Stanton will enter, but neither has declared yet. When they do, this site will be updated.

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School Boards


Kyrene Elementary School Board
November 2018


Eshe Pickett

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75,321 signatures by August 7, 2017*

Save Our Schools SB1431 Proposition
We support school choice, but we do not support the expansion of ESAs, commonly known as vouchers, that take even more money away from public education when our schools are already in crisis. We share the belief that strong schools for all our kids will create a strong state and a more prosperous Arizona. We will put SB1431 voucher expansion on the ballot, and it will be the first step toward restoring the Arizona educational system.
NOTE: SOS handed in over 111,000 signatures! The validation has started.

Refer 2404: Grassroots Citizens Concerned
Grassroots Citizens Concerned, a nonpartisan political organization, circulating a petition to repeal the newly-signed law, HB 2404, on the grounds that it makes grassroots endeavors such as these cost-prohibitive to ordinary citizens.
NOTE: Refer 2404 did not collect enough signatures, but they handed in over 22,000 by the deadline. Read their final statement here.

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