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725 E Guadalupe Rd Suite 723 Tempe AZ 85283 (map)
M-Th is 10-7, Sat and Sun 10-3, Friday by appointment only
PHONE: 480.562.8827
open through Election Day, November 6, 2018

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LD18 Senate and House!
US Senate
US House of Representatives
Arizona Statewide Candidates
Maricopa County
Mayor, City of Phoenix
Mesa City Council
Justices of the Peace and Constables
School Boards
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LD18 Senate and House of Representatives!

Sean Bowie 
– AZ State Senate

Mitzi Epstein – AZ State House of Representatives

Jennifer Jermaine – AZ State House of Representatives

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US Senate

Kyrsten Sinema – US Senate

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US House of Representatives

AZ Congressional District 9

Greg Stanton – US House of Representatives

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Arizona Statewide Races

GovernorDavid Garcia – AZ Governor

Arizona Secretary of State
Katie Hobbs – AZ Secretary of State

Arizona Attorney General

January Contreras – AZ Attorney General

Arizona State Treasurer

Mark Manoil – AZ Treasurer

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction

Kathy Hoffman – AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction

Arizona Corporation Commission

Sandra Kennedy – AZ Corporation Commission

Kiana Sears – AZ Corporation Commission

Arizona State Mine Inspector

Bill Pierce – AZ Mine Inspector

Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD)

Terry Goddard – CAWCD Board of Directors

Heather Macre – CAWCD Board of Directors

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Maricopa County

Roberta Neil Miller – Clerk of the Superior Court, Maricopa County

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Mayor, City of Phoenix

Runoff, if necessary, March 12, 2019Kate Gallego – Mayor, City of Phoenix

Daniel Valenzuela – Mayor, City of Phoenix

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Mesa City Council

Francisco Heredia – Mesa City Council

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Justices of the Peace and Constables

Justice of the Peace, Kyrene Justice Precinct

Sharron Sauls – Justice of the Peace, Kyrene Justice Precinct

Constable of Kyrene Justice Precinct

Kent Rini – Constable of Kyrene Justice Precinct

Justice of the Peace, University Lakes Justice Precinct

Tyler Kissell – Justice of the Peace, University Lakes

Constable of University Lakes Justice Precinct

Karyn Lathan – Constable, University Lakes 

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School Boards

Kyrene Elementary School Board

David Hoye – Kyrene Elementary School Board

Kevin Walsh – Kyrene Elementary School Board

Mesa Public Schools

Ben Smith – Mesa Public Schools Governing Board

Marcie Hutchinson – Mesa Public Schools Governing Board

Tempe Union High School District

Andres Barraza – Tempe Union High School District

Brian Garcia – Tempe Union High School District Board

Tempe Elementary School District

Patrick Morales – Tempe Elementary School District

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VoteNo305VOTE NO! Proposition 305, Save Our Schools SB 1431 Referendum – We support school choice, but we do not support the expansion of ESAs, commonly known as vouchers, that take even more money away from public education when our schools are already in crisis. We share the belief that strong schools for all our kids will create a strong state and a more prosperous Arizona. We will put SB1431 voucher expansion on the ballot, and it will be the first step toward restoring the Arizona educational system.

VOTE YES! Proposition 127, Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona Amendment – Arizona is the sunniest state in the country — and that means we have unmatched potential to generate clean, renewable energy from the sun. The “Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona” initiative will allow us to take advantage of this almost unlimited solar and wind potential by gradually increasing the amount of our energy that comes from renewable sources to 50% by 2030.

VOTE YES! Proposition 125, Arizona Corrections Officer Retirement Plan Amendment – A referendum created by the Arizona State Legislature and Senate Bill 1442 (SB 1442) to change the Arizona State Constitution to allow for certain adjustments to the Corrections Officer Retirement Plan. More details are available on Ballotpedia.

VOTE NO! Prop 126 – Protect Arizona Taxpayer’s Act (misnomer!), Prohibits a sales tax on services. Proponents are using fear tactics and misinformation to promote this ballot proposition.
Read more at BlogForArizona.

VOTE NO! Proposition 306 – Referred to voters by the legislature at the last minute of the last day of the session.  This is yet another attack on the clean elections program in Arizona. It takes independent review and turns it into partisan oversight.

Read more about these ballot propositions and more at Arizona Clean Elections.

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Resources for voters

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