Save Our Schools Happy Hour
LD18 Dems Fun Night!

Wednesday, June 28
5:30 pm to 9 pm
At the home of Dawn Thacker
1286 W. Amanda Lane, Tempe, AZ (map)

This month, for your enjoyment, two events in one evening! Attend either one or both.

First, at 5:30, an opportunity to be part of history, right here in Arizona. This Happy Hour offers signing, notarizing, petition pick up, petition drop off, training, networking, fundraising and especially socializing!

We can stop voucher expansion. With 75,000 signatures, we can put SB1431 on the 2018 ballot, and we can repeal it. You want strong public schools, and school choice. This bill expands vouchers in Arizona and pays for it by taking money away from the students in public schools. You deserve accountability for the taxes you pay. Join us to learn more about Save Our Schools Arizona, a grassroots group of moms and dads working for strong schools.

Then, at 7:00 pm, we’ll segue into our famous, hilarious, LD18Dems Fun Night! Our own PC, Dawn Thacker, is hosting for both events, back to back.

Games, fun and interesting people ….. this is our monthly break from the stress of daily life. It’s a chance to relax, enjoy, and get to know other LD18ers better. And everyone wants to CRUSH THE COMPETITION in a game of Cards Against Humanity!

Please bring a $5 donation to LD18 Dems. If you bring friends, family, or neighbors who are new to LD18 events, they can come as our guests and do not need to donate (unless of course they want to).