Community of Volunteers – Democrats of Legislative District 18

What is your area of interest?  Many people ask us how they can get involved and what volunteer opportunities we have. The volunteers of LD18 Democrats are changing the face of local politics in Arizona.  Welcoming to all, we make a difference for our region and state by contributing our time and talents to electing qualified candidates to office.  Join us!

Below you will find some explanations and descriptions of activities, committees and teams we have and/or are establishing.  After you have read the notes below, please go to our volunteer form and let us know how you would like to get involved.  

As LD18 Democrats, we are fully committed to re-electing Sean Bowie, State Senator, and Mitzi Epstein, State  Representative, in 2018.  We will continue to support them and other local officials between now and then.  To do this we have several different teams in place. 

Neighborhood teams – Outreach in every neighborhood is being done by Precinct Committee People and other volunteers on an ongoing basis. This includes neighborhood events, canvassing, and small get togethers.

Voter Registration – Continue to promote voter registration in LD18.  

Legislative Watch – Watch legislators and hold them accountable, informing them of our support or opposition to their actions and issues, and help others do the same.

Issue Watch – For those passionate about specific issues, we will help connect others who want to know more, and look to you for information about actions we all can take to impact those issues.

Rapid Response – Informs LD18 Democrats about opportunities to respond and publicly amplify our voice about those issues and actions.

Event Team – Strategy, planning, preparations, promoting and executing events in LD18.

Social Media and Communications – Promotes our events and facilitates communication.

Fundraising Committee – Supporting LD18 Democrats through fundraising efforts.

Go to and let us know how and when you want to help.  You may also call Alison at 602-481-0458, or email her at